Can I demolish an old house in Brisbane?

The answer to "Can I demolish an old house in Brisbane?" is yes, under specific circumstances. It hinges on a variety of factors, including the property's specific traits and the construction date of any outbuildings. Read more in this article.

The answer to “Can I demolish an old house in Brisbane?” is yes, under specific circumstances. It hinges on a variety of factors, including the property’s specific traits and the construction date of any outbuildings. Read more in this article.

Before you can tear down your home, there’s a list of prerequisites that must be satisfied. These prerequisites differ based on your home’s size and location, and the specific rules and regulations applicable in your locality. Pro House Demolitions Brisbane specializes in evaluating your property for demolition, managing all necessary permits and approvals, and ensuring clear communication from start to finish.

Starting Your House Demolition Project with Pro House Demolitions Brisbane

Thinking about taking down your house? Begin by reaching out to to us, your local demolition experts, with your property’s address. We proceed to evaluate your home through an online review or a physical drive-by, followed by a thorough inspection. This step helps us decide the next steps for the demolition.

Navigating Brisbane Regulations for House Demolition

In the Brisbane area, utilizing the City Plan’s online mapping tool is crucial for determining the need for council planning approval before demolition, along with the required level of assessment. Town planners can be contacted through the Brisbane Council at 07 3403 8888. This online resource sheds light on the zoning, neighborhood plans, and overlays relevant to your property’s location. With us by your side, navigating these assessments becomes straightforward.

Criteria for Planning Approval in Brisbane

Certain conditions may exempt your house from requiring council planning approval in Brisbane, such as not being listed on the Heritage Register among other specifics:

For demolishing free-standing structures built after 1946 in Brisbane, planning approval isn’t mandatory. The Brisbane City Plan 2014 outlines the criteria for such approval needs.

Before moving forward with your demolition project, consulting with local authorities to verify the necessary permits and approvals for your specific location is advisable. With a wealth of experience across Queensland, Pro House Demolitions is well-equipped to manage these details on your behalf.

The Path to Demolition Approval: How We Can Help

Should your demolition project require planning approval, our team of experts is on hand to offer guidance and support through the ensuing steps. A Decision Notice from the council is a must-have before any demolition work begins, and we’re here to facilitate obtaining this notice, along with ensuring compliance with all legal requirements like service disconnections.

Essential Approvals for House Demolition and Removal

Securing the necessary approvals for both house removal and demolition, such as transportation permits and possibly plumbing approval for sewer disconnection, is part of the process. Pro House Demolitions Brisbane is ready to assist in obtaining these permits, making sure your project proceeds without a hitch.

The Excitement and Importance of Properly Approached House Demolition

While the prospect of demolishing a house to make way for something new is exciting, the importance of securing all required approvals and permits cannot be overstated. We stand ready to ensure you fully understand and comply with all specific requirements, paving the way for your future housing plans.


To sum up the question of “Can I demolish an old house in Brisbane?” is yes, demolishing an old house in Brisbane is possible if the property meets specific criteria, such as being built after 1946 and complying with the Brisbane City Plan 2014.

It’s essential to consult local authorities to ensure all required permits and approvals are in place. Thus, while you can demolish an old house under certain conditions, it’s advisable to proceed with professional guidance to navigate the process smoothly and legally.

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