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We handle complex industrial demolitions, from factories to warehouses, with precision and efficiency. Our team ensures safe removal and disposal of hazardous materials, adhering to strict environmental standards, making your site ready for its next phase.

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Brisbane Industrial Demolition Services

Our Industrial Demolition Services

Industrial Demolition Services specialize in decommissioning, demolishing, managing, and disposing of hazardous materials and obsolete infrastructure that has surpassed its lifespan.

Industrial Demolitions Across Brisbane

Our industrial services are available throughout Brisbane and south east Queensland, serving a diverse range of clients and industries. We have the expertise and resources to tackle any factory demolition project, ensuring that the process is carried out safely, efficiently, and in compliance with local regulations.

Removal of Industrial Plants

Our expert team specializes in industrial plant demolition, providing safe and effective solutions for dismantling and demolishing complex industrial facilities. Our team is skilled in the removal of machinery, equipment, and infrastructure, ensuring that your industrial plant is cleared and ready for redevelopment or repurposing.

Servicing Brisbane, Ipswich, Moreton Bay & the Gold Coast

Our Industrial Demolition Includes:

Acquiring Industrial Demolition Licence

Our company specializes in providing comprehensive services for acquiring a demolition licence. We understand that obtaining a demolition licence is a vital step for individuals and companies in the demolition industry. It demonstrates compliance with local regulations, a commitment to safety, and a high level of professionalism. Our experienced team assists clients in meeting the specific requirements set by governing authorities, including demonstrating relevant experience, completing necessary training, and implementing robust safety protocols. By helping our clients obtain a demolition licence, we enable them to legally undertake demolition work while building trust and credibility with clients and stakeholders. Our services ensure a smooth and efficient process, saving our clients time and effort in navigating the licensing requirements.

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Industrial Demolition Waste Management

Waste management plays a crucial role in maintaining a sustainable and environmentally conscious society. It encompasses a range of practices and processes aimed at minimizing waste generation, promoting recycling and reuse, and ensuring proper disposal of waste materials. Effective waste management involves the efficient collection, segregation, transportation, treatment, and disposal of various types of waste. It includes implementing strategies to reduce waste production, encouraging recycling initiatives, and adopting responsible waste disposal methods such as landfill management and waste-to-energy systems. By prioritizing waste management, we can protect the environment, conserve resources, and contribute to a cleaner and healthier future for generations to come.

Industrial Demolition Made Safe

Safety First: Prioritizing Safety at Every Step

Safety is our foremost concern, permeating every aspect of our business. It remains at the forefront of all our endeavors. We have developed safe work systems that can seamlessly integrate with our clients’ existing safety management systems. This integration allows us to complete high-risk activities associated with demolition in a safe and controlled manner. 

Our Occupational Health & Safety Management System is accredited against AS/NZS 4801:2001 and forms an integral part of our overall integrated management system. We take pride in having spearheaded many safety procedures that are now considered industry standards in the demolition sector. We continue to set the benchmark for safety and service excellence in the industry.

First-Class Team: Driven by Excellence

At Pro House Demolitions Brisbane, we heavily invest in training, personal development, and education because we recognize that our people are our greatest asset. We have assembled a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals, including Project Directors, Operations Managers, Project Managers, Engineers, Supervisors, Plant Operators, and Demolition Tradespeople. 

Guided by our principles of safety, collaboration, innovation, integrity, leadership, and reliability, our professional team is unwaveringly committed to delivering exceptional project

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