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Best Family-Friendly Activities in Brisbane for a Fun-Filled Day Out

Looking for the best family-friendly activities in Brisbane? Delve into our comprehensive guide, packed with outdoor adventures, cultural experiences, and free activities that the whole family will love.

If you’ve been scratching your head, trying to figure out how to keep your energetic kiddos occupied in Brisbane, you’ve struck gold.

You see, Brisbane isn’t just the third-largest city in Australia — it’s a treasure trove of family fun!

This guide rounds up a few of the best family-friendly activities in Brisbane to ensure a fun-filled day out with your kids. This also includes fun-filled activities you can do for FREE! So buckle up, you’re in for a delightful journey.

3 Must-visit Nature and Wildlife Encounters

1. The Daisy Hill Koala Centre Experience

Ever wondered what it’s like to see a koala up close and personal? Well, wonder no more! The Daisy Hill Koala Centre is just the ticket. Get up close and personal with these furry friends.

Known as one of the best places for families to see koalas in Brisbane, this koala sanctuary provides an unforgettable experience that’ll leave the little ones—and let’s be honest, the grown-ups too—absolutely spellbound.

2. Sea Life Sunshine Coast Aquarium

If you’re up for a brief scenic drive from Brisbane, the Sea Life Sunshine Coast Aquarium is an adventure you won’t want to miss. Open to kids of all ages, this marine wonderland will fascinate kids and adults alike, presenting a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with a plethora of marine and freshwater creatures. As you traverse the exciting interactive exhibits, you’ll encounter a vibrant spectacle of aquatic life in all its splendour.

There are thousands of captivating animals to see, from sleek seals to mesmerizing jellyfish, and even some adorable penguins waddling about. And the fun doesn’t stop there; there’s also the chance to interact with some friendly sea-dwellers in the touch pool! Feel the smooth surface of a sea star or the tickle of a sea cucumber’s tentacles – it’s a tactile adventure that’s bound to inspire awe and curiosity.

3. Exploring Karawatha Forest Discovery Centre

What better way to spend a day than immersing yourselves in nature’s playground? The Karawatha Forest Discovery Centre is the newest environmental discovery centre that is chock-full of interactive exhibits and scenic nature walks. And the best part? There’s even a children’s playground. Talk about a win-win situation!

4 Best Outdoor Activities in Brisbane

If you’re still looking for interesting and fun things to do in Brisbane with kids, then you’re in for a great surprise. Spend the day exploring the great outdoors with these family activities:

1. Brisbane’s Fantastic Playgrounds

Swings, slides, and roundabouts — oh my! Brisbane is home to a good number of playgrounds where kids can let off steam, and parents can sit back with a well-deserved coffee. From New Farm Park to the South Bank Parklands, there’s a playground for every play date. Take kids to their favorite playground and explore plenty of fun things to do there. And while children play, adults can ponder their own playfield – home renovations, perhaps with the help of Pro House Demolitions Brisbane?

2. Nature Adventure Trails in Brisbane

If you’re looking for an enjoyable outdoor experience with your little ones, we’ve got you covered. And in Brisbane, you’re spoilt for choice! From bushwalking trails to botanical gardens, nature is never far away. Whether you have toddlers or teens, there’s a great nature trail that’s perfect for your level of adventure. And who knows? You might even spot some of our native Australian animals in the wild on your next nature adventure. Here are the best trails for families and kids:

Mount Coot-tha Summit Trail & Children’s Trail

Amongst Brisbane’s best nature trails, Mt Coot-tha’s Children’s Trail is an enchanting journey for the little ones. This moderately challenging 5.5-km out-and-back trail is a favourite for families. The Hide ’n’ Seek Children’s Trail stats at Brisbane Botanic Gardens Mt. Coot-tha and it usually takes around 1 h 37 minutes to complete. mt coot-tha botanic gardens children and their grandfather looking at native bees on the discovery trail

Famed for birding, hiking, and running, it provides an excellent opportunity to meet other outdoor enthusiasts. It’s open all year round, offering stunning views across the seasons. Don’t forget to bring snacks for the little ones. And bring your pet along, but remember to keep them on a leash!

Powerful Owl Trail

Another fantastic 5.6-km trail offering moderate challenges is the Powerful Owl Trail. A popular spot for birding, hiking, and running, it provides solitude during quieter times of the day. Like the Mount Coot-tha Summit Trail, it’s open year-round, and dogs are welcome as long as they are leashed.

Mahogany Track

The Mahogany Track, nestled in the Mt Coot-tha Reserve near Brisbane’s city-centre, is a family-friendly trail that ascends to the summit of Mt Coot-tha. Take a short detour at the top for breathtaking city views. It’s perfect for a day of exploration with the kids.

Kangaroo Point, Goodwill Bridge, and Story Bridge Loop

Fancy a more urban adventure? Try this 6.3km loop trail located near the city centre. An easy trail that typically takes around 1 hr 12 minutes, it’s perfect for walking, running, or biking. Take in the city views and enjoy the ambiance of Brisbane’s heart.

Jacksonia, Cockatoo, Bellbird, and Kokoda Track Loop

Explore this serene 4km loop trail for a moderate hiking challenge. The trail is famous for birding, hiking, and running, making it ideal for an active family day out. Enjoy quieter trails during mid-day and immerse yourself in nature’s beauty.

South Bank via Clem Jones Promenade

This trail is a popular route for birding, road biking, and running. It’s an easy trail to conquer, usually completed in about 48 minutes, making it perfect for younger or less experienced hikers.

Whether you’re looking for a moderate hiking challenge or a serene walk with stunning views, these trails provide something for everyone. Pack your backpack, lace up your boots, and hit these kid-friendly trails for a memorable outdoor adventure in Brisbane.

3. Riverlife Adventure Centre

For a thrilling day out packed with action and adventure, make a beeline for the Riverlife Adventure Centre at Kangaroo Point, a popular hotspot in Brisbane. If your youngsters have the energy to spare, this is the perfect place to unleash their enthusiasm.

At this vibrant hub, the whole family can have a go at a whole lot of exhilarating outdoor activities and fun ideas. Fancy descending down a rock face? Try abseiling. Or perhaps you’d rather scale up heights? Then rock climbing is for you. If you’re more inclined to the water, kayaking the serene currents of the Brisbane River promises a memorable splash to entertain the kids. At Kangaroo Point’s Riverlife Adventure Centre, every day is brimming with action, adventure, and unforgettable family fun.

4. Beach Fun in Brisbane and Nearby

Is there anything better than feeling the sand between your toes, the sun on your skin, and hearing the gleeful giggles of your kids as they build sandcastles? I didn’t think so.

If you are on the hunt for a beach getaway where your children can enjoy the water without the worry of strong, intimidating waves, then we’ve narrowed down the perfect list for you! Say goodbye to tumultuous surf and hello to tranquil bay vibes at these kid-friendly beaches in Brisbane:

Sylvan Beach and Bongaree Beach – Bribie Island

Welcome to Sylvan Beach, a tranquil oasis with barely any waves. This kid-friendly beach is adorned with stunning boardwalks, picnic areas, barbecue facilities, and playgrounds. It’s essentially a young family’s paradise. Just a stone’s throw away lies Bongaree Beach, which is known for its stronger currents, making it ideal for splashing in the shallows.

Streets Beach – South Bank

Streets Beach tends to split opinions amongst locals, but when it comes to a family-friendly outing, it’s a winner. From the interactive water-play park to the calm paddling waters, it’s a safe haven for kids. And yes, there’s a sandy stretch for sandcastle enthusiasts, plus a variety of eateries nearby, eliminating the need to pack a lunch!

Scarborough Beach – Redcliffe

Known as Queensland’s Friendliest Beach, Scarborough Beach in Redcliffe is a bay inlet, ensures calm waters for your little ones. At low tide, the shallow water stretches a good 10 meters into the sandbars, making it perfect for tiny explorers. Bonus features include crab hunting in nearby rockpools and a day out at Cottonwood Park just behind the beach.

Settlement Cove – Redcliffe

A paradise for both kids and parents, Settlement Cove in Redcliffe boasts a vast lagoon with varying depths to suit all ages. The fenced-off shallow area is tailored for the younger ones, complete with squirting mushroom features, while the main lagoon offers sandy bay edges and an island in the middle for play adventures.

Tangalooma – Moreton Island

The breathtaking Tangalooma beach on Moreton Island is worth every penny of the ferry ride. Besides being incredibly scenic, it provides calm, safe waters for kids. If you’re planning to stay overnight, you’ll have the chance to meet the local family of wild dolphins that come in for feeding every night.

Pandanus Beach – Wynnum

If you’ve ever walked along the boardwalk at Wynnum, you might have caught the sound of children’s laughter echoing from Pandanus Beach. Known for its serene atmosphere, it’s a favourite among young families. Plus, it’s conveniently located near the popular Wynnum waterpark and tidal swimming pool. When the tide is low, little marine enthusiasts can enjoy spotting crabs and other fascinating critters.

4 Top Cultural and Learning Activities

1. The Queensland Museum Experience

Ah, the Queensland Museum. It’s like a time machine, teleporter, and school, all rolled into one. Here, kids can uncover the wonders of history, science, and nature—without even realizing they’re learning! Check out the many interactive activities and workshops for kids.

2. The Gallery of Modern Art: A Treat for Young Minds

Here’s the scoop: Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art (BGMA) isn’t just for art connoisseurs—it’s a smorgasbord of creativity that’ll whet your kids’ appetite for art. Brisbane City Council lists this and other state-funded attractions as the top things to visit with kids.

If your family enjoys the arts, BGMA offers a feast for the imagination with fun activities to do with the kids. 

3. Queensland State Library: More Than Just Books

Books are just the beginning at the Queensland State Library. With interactive displays and historical exhibits, it’s an intellectual adventure that’ll tickle everyone’s fancy. Kids will love the many free activities that they have in store.

4. A Historical Journey Through Brisbane

Take a trip down memory lane and see Brisbane through the lens of history. It’s an eye-opening journey that’s sure to spark a love for history in your little ones. If you’re lucky, you might even get to watch one of Fort Lytton National Park’s 64-pounder cannons showcasing its prowess.

Taking a journey through Brisbane’s history can inspire a journey of your own – a home renovation journey, perhaps? If so, Pro House Demolitions Brisbane can provide the demolition services you need.

3 Free Activities in Brisbane

Who said the best things in life aren’t free? Brisbane begs to differ. Below is a rundown of the best family-friendly activities that you can do in the city for absolutely free!

1. The CityHopper Experience

Cruise along the Brisbane River, soaking in the city sights, all without spending a dime. Riding Brisbane’s free CityHopper ferry is a unique experience that can be a fun family outing. 

2. Free Tours and Museum Exhibits

Keep your wallet in your pocket and step into Brisbane’s world-class museums. They offer a range of free tours and exhibits, making cultural enrichment accessible to all. 

Queensland Museum:

This museum offers a range of interactive exhibits that are both fun and educational. Children can learn about dinosaurs, marine life, and Queensland’s unique cultural heritage.

Sciencentre at the Queensland Museum:

A permanent interactive science exhibition that offers a fascinating, learning experience for kids in the field of science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM).

Brisbane Botanic Garden:

Immerse yourself in the lush splendor of Brisbane’s urban greenery by paying a visit to the City Botanic Gardens, situated alongside the Brisbane River, or the Brisbane Botanic Gardens, nestled atop Mt Coot-tha.

3. Enjoying Brisbane’s Parks and Gardens

Let’s face it: sometimes, you just need a breath of fresh air. Brisbane’s exceptional parks, picnic locations, playgrounds, and nature reserves are awaiting your discovery. And don’t worry, we’ve made sure to include suggestions that are both pet and child-friendly!

Breathtaking Waterfront Parks:

Brisbane River, the longest in southeast Queensland, snakes through many beloved suburbs. Nestled along its banks, you’ll find some of the city’s most breathtaking parks. South Bank Parklands, City Botanic Gardens, New Farm Park, Davies Park, and Newstead Park offer verdant fields that reach right to the water’s edge.

Following the river’s course to Moreton Bay, you can explore bayside parks like Bayside Park at Manly, Wynnum Foreshore, Nudgee Beach Reserve, and Arthur Davis Park at Sandgate. For the ultimate picnic, check out Wellington Point at the Redlands Coast or enjoy some fresh seafood at the Lighthouse Cafe in Cleveland Point Reserve.

Kids’ Paradise: Parks with Playgrounds:

7th Brigade Park, Teralba Park, and the vibrant Hidden World Playground are some child-friendly parks in Brisbane’s north side. On the south side, explore Calamvale District Park’s skywalk, Colmslie Beach Reserve’s aquatic-themed play areas, or the engaging playscapes of Rocks Riverside Park.

The Roma Street Parkland and South Bank Parklands provide diverse playgrounds for all ages. Wynnum Wading Pool and Robelle Domain are two other locations offering exciting water activities. With inclusive play spaces, these parks ensure that children of all abilities can have fun.

Barbecue and Picnic Spots:

Planning a classic Australian outdoor meal with friends? Brisbane boasts over 400 parks equipped with free barbecue stations. So pack up your tongs, oil, and paper towels, and get ready for a delightful picnic in the park.

Picture-Perfect Parks:

Brisbane’s parks are popular spots for photographers seeking to capture the perfect sunrise or sunset. Enjoy the city and Story Bridge view from Wilson’s Outlook, plan a picnic at Kangaroo Point Cliffs, or head to Orleigh Park for brilliant city vistas.

New Farm Park is the place to be during the jacaranda season. Enjoy the extensive native flora and fauna at Roma Street Parkland and take in the sweeping city views from Mt Coot-Tha. South Bank Parklands, Brisbane Botanic Gardens, and New Farm Park’s rose garden are among the other picture-perfect locations in Brisbane.


Phew! That’s quite a list, isn’t it?

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The best family-friendly activities in Brisbane are as diverse and dynamic as the city itself. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a history buff, or a culture vulture. So what are you waiting for? Adventure awaits!

With so many family-friendly activities, Brisbane is an exciting place to live. And if you’re considering a home renovation or demolition project, remember that Pro House Demolitions Brisbane is always available to assist you.

What’s Next?

Now that you’ve got a treasure map of family-friendly activities, the next step is to start exploring! Check out our next articles on the Top Restaurants in Brisbane!

And who knows, maybe these adventures will inspire your own transformation at home. If they do, remember: Pro House Demolitions Brisbane is here to help with all your house demolition needs.


Is Brisbane family-friendly?

Absolutely, Brisbane is widely known for being a family-friendly city. The city offers an array of activities and attractions that cater to families and children of all ages.

What is the safest suburb in Brisbane??

Seven Hills is known for its low crime rates, active neighbourhood watch programs, and proximity to Queensland Police stations, Seven Hills is a highly recommended suburb in Brisbane. Besides its safety features, the area boasts excellent primary and secondary schools, beautiful parks and recreational areas, and convenient access to Brisbane’s central business district.

Where can I take my kids when it rains in Brisbane?

Brisbane has plenty of indoor activities that are perfect for keeping kids entertained on a rainy day. Here are some suggestions: Queensland Museum, The Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA), Queensland State Library, Sciencentre at the Queensland Museum, Indoor Play Centers, and Sea Life Sunshine Coast Aquarium.

Are there wildlife encounters in Brisbane?

Yes, Brisbane offers unique wildlife encounters, like the Daisy Hill Koala Centre and Karawatha Forest Discovery Centre. If such experiences lead to thoughts of home renovations, remember that Pro House Demolitions Brisbane can help.

Are there pet-friendly parks in Brisbane?

Yes, of course! There are 120 parks with off-leash areas for dogs around Brisbane. Some have agility equipment for drills, and others are designed specifically for small dogs. Powerhouse Park at New Farm, Tuckeroo Park in Nudgee Beach, and Booker Place Park in Bellbowrie are some of Brisbane’s busiest outdoor venues for dogs.

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